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986 Turbo Kit
986 Turbo Kit

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Porsche 986 Stage 1 Turbo Kit

A Boxster with a Punch

When the 986 Porsche Boxster was introduced to the public in 1997, we got our first taste of true driving nirvana. Here was a small, mid-engined roadster with all the attention to detail and driving dynamics of the flagship 911, at a fraction of the price. Since then, the Porsche Boxster has been lauded as one of the best driver’s cars ever produced, even when compared to many far more exotic cars. The only complaint drivers have with the Boxster is with its anemic powerplant. With far less than 300hp on tap, Boxster owners were left wanting. Finally, TPC Racing is here with a solution for those on the hunt for HP. By providing drivers with an amazing 100hp over stock, the TPC Racing 986 Boxster/S Turbo Kit is truly the ultimate 100% bolt-on turbo kit for the 2000-2004 986 Boxster/S. This amazing amount of power is achieved without any noticeable turbo lag and with such smooth integration, that you’d swear the car came from the factory as a Boxster Turbo.

Frequently Asked Questions
1. Will I need to upgrade the fueling system to provide adequate fuel flow for the turbo kit?

In order to provide adequate fueling for TPC Racing Boxster/S Turbo Kit, the OEM injectors are replaced with our uprated Motorsport injectors. On older or higher mileage cars, we recommend replacing the fuel pump.

2. How do I tune the turbo kit once it is installed?

TPC Racing Turbo Kits come standard with ECU Tuning included, so NO additional tuning systems are required. Your ECU will need to be sent to TPC Racing in order to flash. Once your ECU has been tuned by TPC Racing, it is a simple plug and play installation, and you are ready to go!

3. Will I need anything else for the installation, that is not included in the kit?

All 986 models are required to upgrade to 987 style exhaust manifolds for installation of the turbo kit. 987 headers ARE NOT included with the the TPC Racing 986 Turbo Kit. If your vehicle is equipped with a 6-speed manual transmission, it will be necessary to purchase the TPC Racing Front Center Radiator Kit for the Liquid-to-Air Intercooler system for the Stage 2 kit. The Stage 1 kit DOES NOT require the TPC Racing Front Center Radiator Kit as it does not include a Liquid-to-Air Intercooler.

TPC Racing Front Center Radiator Kit – $757

4. What models Boxster will this kit fit on?

The TPC Racing 986 Boxster Turbo Kit can be installed on any 2000-2004 Porsche 986 Boxster/S. SEE NOTES AT BOTTOM.

5. I have/am interested in a vehicle with a built/swapped motor; can this kit be installed?

All vehicles with built/swapped motors are considered “special projects” as they usually entail more than just a simple installation of the turbo system. All “special projects” must be discussed with TPC Racing’s engineering department.

6. Can TPC Racing Turbo Kits be shipped internationally?

YES! TPC Racing Turbo Kits and other products can be shipped to almost any country around the world! (shipping charges will vary depending on location)

7. Will my vehicle need any other upgrades (brakes/suspension/drivetrain/etc.) in order to handle the added power?

In order to handle the added power of the turbo kit, the OEM clutch assembly will, at some point, need to be upgraded. We have many different options of clutch/flywheel upgrades depending on the application(track/street).

8. Can I use my aftermarket/stock exhaust in conjunction with a TPC Racing Turbo Kit?

NO! All TPC Racing Turbo Kits come with a full stainless steel exhaust system, specifically designed and engineered to work with the rest of the components of the TPC Racing Turbo Kit. There are no aftermarket/stock exhaust systems that are compatible with a TPC Racing Turbo Kit. This is because when an aftermarket turbocharger system is added to a vehicle, the standard exhaust layout often times will not allow for integration of the turbocharger and related components.

*Prices subject to change

**Output may vary between vehicles

***All 986 models are required to upgrade to 987 style exhaust manifolds for installation of the turbo kit. 987 headers ARE NOT included with the the TPC Racing 986 Turbo Kit.

***All 986 models do require some modification of transmission side bracket mounts. Welding and metal fabrication is required.

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