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987 Turbo Kit - Manual Transmission
987 Turbo Kit - Manual Transmission


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The Cayman that Porsche should have built…

Cayman owners have long dreamed of giving their cars the power they need to truly be the best they can be. The dreaming is now over with the release of the TPC Racing Stage II(S2) Cayman S Turbo Kit. Drivers can now experience mind bending acceleration that equals that of a 997Turbo. By pairing the immense acceleration of 997Turbo with the Cayman’s mid-engined agility, TPC Racing has created the ultimate driver’s car.

The Accumoto Cayman Turbo RS gets some serious testing at Road America

After 22 months of R&D, our TPC Racing S2 Cayman S Turbo kit is now available to the public. With 460HP* on tap, the TPC Racing Cayman S Turbo will easily put you through the 1/4 mile in well under 12 seconds. During preliminary testing the TPC Racing test mule achieved a very respectable 11.7 second run @121mph; faster than a 997Turbo or a 997 GT3. However, with just a couple of TPC Racing’s optional upgrades, drivers can now achieve 1/4mile times that are right on the edge of 10 seconds with the potential to be even faster! That’s territory normally reserved for modified 997Turbo’s and big block American muscle.

Combined with it’s excellently balanced chassis, the TPC Racing S2 Cayman S Turbo is well equipped to terrorize GT3s and Z06s at your next track day. This incredible package was developed with 150 hours on the dyno, nearly 30,000 miles on the street, and 30 track testing sessions, the TPC Racing Turbo s2 Cayman S Kit meets our strict standards for performance and earns our seal of approval!

With an engine tuned to develop 460HP*, working in concert with an outstanding mid-engined platform; it is understandable why the TPC Racing Cayman S Turbo Kit is so highly coveted by Cayman owners. This system transforms the Porsche Cayman/Boxster from a fairly capable sports car, into a supercar killer. Porsche owners all have one thing in common; high expectations for their vehicle’s performance; and with the TPC Racing S2 Cayman S Turbo kit, their expectations have been matched and exceeded.

The TPC Racing S2 Cayman Turbo test mule stretching its legs out on the dyno

TPC Racing Stage II Turbo Kit for the 2006-2008 Porsche Cayman/Boxster 2.7L-3.4L

TPC Racing Proprietary Turbocharger (capable of producing up to 600HP)
TPC Racing Liquid-to-Air Intercooler
TPC Racing Custom Molded Silicone Tubing
TPC Racing 987/986 Turbo Cat-Back Exhaust System
TPC Racing Cast Intake Plenum
TPC Racing Custom Turbo and Intercooler Brackets
High Performance Injectors
Air Intake Duct
High Performance Cone Filter
Oil Feed and Return Lines
High Flow Coolant Pump and Harness for Liquid-to-Air Intercooler
TPC Racing Custom ECU Flash Tune
All Hardware/Fittings/Hoses Necessary for Complete Installation
Power and Reliability

The TPC Racing S2 Cayman S Turbo Kit employs a single turbo setup. The turbocharger used was specially designed to provide maximum power with fast spooling. In this application we have harnessed this turbo charger’s mighty potential to force only 4.5lbs of boost into the stock Cayman S engine. Boost was restricted to 4.5lbs to preserve the motor’s reliability. Smooth operation and the vehicle’s longevity are two of our primary focuses when producing a forced induction kit.

Staying Cool

In order to cool the massive amount of compressed air being fed into the Cayman’s engine, TPC Racing employs a liquid-to-air intercooler setup for maximum efficiency and ultimate power. This system works in conjunction with the OEM front center mount radiator***. By designing a front radiator system that employs that OEM Porsche front radiator ducts and supports, we can ensure the the system maintains Porsche’s/TPC Racing’s high standards for fit and finish as well as ease of installation. All of these OEM components have been wind tunnel test by Porsche to guarantee the most efficient airflow possible; you cannot beat Porsche engineering! In addition, should any of these components ever be damaged or worn out from years of use, replacement pieces can easily be purchased at any local Porsche dealership!

In order to move the coolant through the TPC Racing system, we turned to a stout and reliable Bosch coolant pump, the same pump used on the Ford GT and F150 Lightning. The pump size is carefully selected to move coolant at the most efficient rate; too fast and the coolant will pass through the radiator too quickly without transferring enough heat out of the coolant; too slow and the Intercooler will heat up because fresh cold coolant will take too long to circulate through the system. Positioning of the intercooler itself was a challenge, however the TPC Racing design places the intercooler in an area that will allow it to get ample cooling from the ambient airflow without being directly subjected to the muffler’s radiant heat. Whether you are facing hours of stop and go traffic, desert heat, or a weekend at the track; the liquid-to-air intercooler setup used in the TPC Racing S2 Cayman S Turbo Kit will effectively manage intake air temperatures.

The Sound to Match the Performance

The TPC Racing S2 Cayman S Turbo Kit completely replaces the stock exhaust system excluding the exhaust manifolds/catalytic converters. The exhaust included the TPC Racing S2 Cayman S Turbo Kit produces a healthy rumble the will give you goosebumps. We went through many different designs during R&D to come up with a muffler setup that would produce an excellent tone while being perfect streetable. During normal driving conditions the exhaust maintains itself at a nice low rumble, but when the throttle is cracked open those around will know for sure that this is no ordinary Cayman. Made with aircraft grade stainless steel and polished to a shine, the exhaust in this kit provides an attractive and aggressive, sound and appearance with ZERO drone or resonance.

No Squeaks, No Rattles, No Worries

One of the perpetual downfalls of aftermarket turbo/supercharger systems is their overall fit and finish, ease of installation and the everyday drivability of the vehicle. One such issue, common with aftermarket forced induction systems is their tendency to have lots of squeaks and rattles of parts rubbing and flexing and vibrating against other parts. This all leads to a car that may be fast, but is definitely not a pleasure to drive. In order to fight back against these annoyances, TPC Racing had the idea to create custom molded 5-layer silicone piping. These attractive pipes will produce absolutely ZERO squeaks or rattles to take away from the overall driving experience. And, because of the extreme flexibility of these silicone tubes, installation could not be more simple. They can be easily slid into position and be flexed to find a perfect fit. In addition, their extremely durable 5-layer construction ensures that they will be able to survive, without dents or breaks, for many years to come even if they take occasional impacts from small road debris. Just another way in which TPC Racing has gone above and beyond to create a system that is not only simple to install, but also requires virtually no maintenance! Combined with the TPC Racing S2 Cayman Turbo’s superb driving characteristics, you’d swear you were driving a factory turbocharged car.

TPC Racing S2 Cayman Turbo

Comfortable in any Situation

Daily commuting with the TPC Racing S2 Cayman S Turbo Kit is a pleasure. During normal driving conditions, the car performs like any stock Porsche Cayman; with very smooth throttle response. The car is pleasant to drive as a daily commuter and in traffic it’s like driving a regular car. But as you press your right foot down a little harder, a whole new world opens up as the TPC Racing S2 Cayman S Turbo transforms from a sedate street car into a firebreathing 997Turbo killer. There is no turbo lag at all offering over 100lb/ft gain at even 2500 rpm, making it great when you just want to get up and go. When your foot hits the accelerator you are thrown back into your seat and with a greater acceleration than a GT3. This amazing combination of power and refinement makes the TPC Racing S2 Cayman S Turbo the perfect car to race at the track during the day, and drive home in the evening.

Finding the Perfect Tune

The secret to the amazing power and smoothness is our most advanced tuning system yet. The TPC Racing S2 Cayman S Turbo Kit utilizes 6 larger injectors controlled by our cutting edge ECU flash. This technology helps us provide the most well integrated system on the market, giving the driver the feeling that their Cayman came from Germany as a factory Cayman Turbo.

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